Hi, I'm Tracy, it's so nice to meet you.

If you wonder what this whole site is about, you've come to the right place. Read on to discover what the community here and I are trying to achieve. I hope you join the tribe.

As Dr. Mark Hyman said in an interview on finding health and happiness, "for anybody who had a life changing experience, there's always something that shifts them that changes their life." For me, that moment happened in 2010, when I developed severe skin problems and started carefully evaluating what I was eating and should eat to heal my skin.

Despite my focus on finding eating principles to follow, I also realize that dietary guidelines alone are only one piece of the puzzle. In the path of pursuing how to eat healthy, it is so hard to just focus on the principles without considering a larger landscape, which includes: nutrition, good food, proper cooking, psychology, and lifestyle (why psychology? That’s because your emotions and mood can have an impact on the digestive system and overall health, too).

It dawned on me that eating and cooking as the centerpiece of human activity, if done well, can lead us to living a better life on so many different levels. 

I hope to draw a holistic map for you by encompassing elements that are tied to healthy eating. Together we are on a mission here: to explore fundamental and sometimes-confusing eating principles, to find time to cook good food, to savor each meal, and to master the art of living in today's busy world. 

There are four major components we will be discussing:

  1. Eating Rules: What are the fundamental eating rules and nutritional guidelines to follow? What are the myths, misunderstanding, and confusion about eating and nutrition out there?
  2. Food & Cooking: What are the healthy food choices, where to find them, what are the ways to enjoy them, and how to cook them properly in order to maximize their nutritional value and bioavailability (I strongly believe that it's about not only what we eat, but also how we eat them)? Due to my Chinese background, I would also like to share my love of functional eating with you here (i.e. how to use food as medicine to help heal the body).
  3. Mindful Eating: How can we improve our relationship with foods and see eating as a holistic experience by being mindful of the environments, the stories, and the people surrounding and behind foods?
  4. Wholesome Lifestyle: You see, nourishing foods, good digestion, and healthy lifestyle go hand in hand. How can we go beyond food and eating and adjust our lifestyle as a whole, so that we improve metabolism and digestion, achieve beauty and radiance, and restore energy and health?

Here is my current Health Manifesto I live by to give you a taste of the holistic eating experience. In the report, you will find out

  • (On Eating Rules) six fundamentals you should know and practice on a daily basis.

  • (On Food & Cooking) three common cooking pitfalls to avoid.

  • (On Mindful Eating) four ways to drastically improve your digestion by focusing on yourself.

  • (On Wholesome Life) three lifestyle habits which you ignore but can take your eating experience to the next level.

Download it, try incorporating some of my recommendations into your life, and start seeing how even simple changes may have a positive impact in your life.

I look forward to being on this meaningful journey with you together. 

Be my guest. Make yourself at home. Don't be shy to ask questions. I'm always here to help.

Last but not least, big thanks to Christopher Huang for taking photos of me throughout this website, and to Deana Horne for doing my makeup ;-)


Have a lovely day,