Thank You!

Thanks so much for your interest in what I do. Each time when another notification lands in my inbox, it is a reminder that I should keep on trying my very best to serve people like you. Below is the guide that will give you an overview of what I refer to as "holistic eating" to explore how to eat, cook, and live the right way - it is the "engine" behind this website and the framework I am applying to my life.

If I haven't told you so, here's what to expect from me:

  • Weekly updates on proper eating, cooking, and living, along with habit building tips to help you implement what you have learned from this website
  • Exclusive emails once a month to help you gain more focus, peace, and happiness
  • An updated copy of the Health Manifesto (when there is a newer version)
  • Relevant product info that I believe can benefit you in your holistic eating journey

As always, you are more than welcomed to ask me any question (or, just to say hi to me) at I look forward to helping you live a more focused, peaceful, and joyful life.

Be well and happy,


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